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Gentle Max Laser Alexandria Capilar Veins

Reduce Vascular Lesions And Capillary Veins

Gentle Max™ devices incorporate state-of-the-art technology which delivers short pulses of light energy into the skin. The light pulses target and destroy problematic blood vessels, thereby eliminating the unwanted surface vein or vascular lesion. Before and after each laser pulse, the Gentle Max™ device delivers a liquid coolant onto the skin, protecting the surrounding tissue. This cooling system can be adjusted to your individual needs.

Gentle Max™ lasers are a world-recognized leader in laser hair removal and also treat a myriad of other skin conditions including leg and facial veins. Ask your provider if Gentle Max™ treatments are right for your needs.

Facial and leg veins and facial redness develop with age.

What You Can Expect​

Clinically Proven Results

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