Lash and Brows

Lash Lift And Tint

A lash lift-and-tint treatment involves two separate processes, both designed to give you beautiful, fluttery eyelashes for weeks. The lash lift mimics the effect of an eyelash curler. It makes your lashes bend upwards, leaving them looking longer, and your eyes more open and bright.

Meanwhile, a lash tint is similar to a brow tint – or applying several coats of mascara. It makes your eyelashes look darker, thicker, and fuller


Brow Henna

Henna, which originates from the Middle East and South Asia, is a dye that is prepared from the Lawsonia Inermis plant. It is a form of temporary staining that can last up to 5 weeks on hair and up to 2 weeks on skin depending on your skin type. 

Compared to traditional tinting, Henna is able to stain the skin which covers up any patchiness found throughout your brows. Brow henna is best for clients that suffer from patchiness or would like a fuller looking brow. It lasts a bit longer than traditional eyebrow tint.



Microblading, also known as microstroking, or simply blading, is an exciting new method of applying semi-permanent makeup that produces thicker, fuller eyebrows! 


Eyelash Extensions Natural or Glam

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to your natural eyelashes in order to make your lash fringe look longer, fuller, and darker. Individual lash extensions are applied to each of your individual natural eyelashes, usually one extension per natural lash, using a semi-permanent glue.

We offer “Natural” extensions if you’re just looking to have a fuller lash line or “Glam” extensions for a more dramatic look.

Lash fill-in: $80

$195 – $220

applying dye on woman eyebrow

Brow Shape & Tint

A brow shape and tint offers a maintenance-free alternative to makeup. Getting your brow shape right can be difficult and it makes a huge difference in your face. Our expert technicians know how to work with your natural brows to get them in the best shape possible.

Tinting is a technique used to semi-permanently color brow hairs. It also leaves a stain on the skin under the brows that provides an element of filling in thinner spaces. Darkening and embolding your eyebrows will give you that fresh and natural look you’ve been looking for!

Brow Tint: $20
Brow Shape: $35
Shape & Tint: $50
eyebrow hair

Brow Lamination

A  keratin brow lift cream is applied to soften the hair, allowing your technician to manipulate them into any direction. This allows us to comb your brows upwards a bit to give that voluminous fluffy effect. 

A nourishing neutralizing cream is then applied to reconstitute the hair structure and set your newly molded brows in place. Brow lamination includes a brow shape and tint. This is great for thin brows or curly and untamed brows.


Watercolor Lip Blush

This semi-permanent lip makeup technique seeks to be able to do without pencils on a day-to-day basis, defining and coloring the lips with very natural-looking color. The result is “plump” lips, perfect and semi-permanent as freshly painted.


Air Powdered Brows

Powder, ombre, or mixed brows look a lot like your natural brows with a soft touch of makeup.