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Vianka Garza
About Vianka Garza Aesthetic Med Spa

Why Vianka Garza Is The Best

Accomplishing dreams.. From my younger years I dreamt about having my own Med Spa, where people could come and they could feel good, relaxed, heard, be able to leave aside their worries for a few hours & transform their skins and bodies. Hard work and effort was put into this dream. Twenty six years of preparation, experience and dedication to be able to deliver professional and impeccable outcomes in my work.

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Where did I start? I was born and raised in Mexico. After a few years my parents wanted to provide us with better educational opportunities and lifetime experiences, so they decided to make Atlanta our new home. Thanks mom & dad, this opened the door to many opportunities for all of us I was eager to get closer to my dream, so I moved to Texas with my supporting sister Irene to study aesthetics. Years passed and I came back to Atlanta ready to work and keep developing myself. 

My first job was at salon Greco with Cathie Fannell and Olga Barton, I am forever grateful for the opportunity they gave me. Then I was blessed to be part of the team of the plastic surgeon Dr James David, where I worked and kept learning for another sixteen years. I would also like to thank all my wonderful clients for all their continued support. The support of my family has been my rock and they were, are and will be by my side all the time. I always knew that my husband Hector and my four children came first, my priority and my foundation. They are the reason why I didn’t want to start a business while they needed me the most, Vianka the mom always came as my most important job.

In January 2021 Vianka Med Spa, opened their doors. To my huge surprise God blessed me to be able to work with my daughter and husband by my side, something that I never thought could happen. My dream as a little girl that started small, became our big family dream. God was always watching our plans, guiding our thoughts, leading us and for that I will always be honoured and grateful. Everyday that I open the door at Vianka Med Spa I find meaning and purpose in my work. I tackle each day to the max but I never forget where I came from, who made me and who came with me alongside. 

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Meet Our Experts

Our specialists with many years of experience will work with you to meet your needs whether you are new to massage and skincare treatments or are a long-time wellness enthusiast.
Paola Guardado Esthetician

Paola Guardado

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Paola Guardado

Introducing Paola, the passionate medical aesthetician with a 4-year journey in the beauty industry. From a young age, she developed a deep love for the beauty industry and skincare. Her expertise lies in her favorite treatments - peels and microneedling. But it doesn't stop there! Paola finds true joy in giving her clients relaxing facials and sculpting their faces to perfection.

With a genuine love for her clients, Paola wakes up every single day, excited to do what she loves most. Join her on this beauty journey and experience the magic of Pao’s touch.

Hector Guardado - Massage Therapist

Hector Guardado

Massage Therapist
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Hector Guardado

Hector Guardado, a board-certified massage therapist with a passion for nurturing his clients' well-being. With four years of experience in the field, Hector specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Neuromuscular Therapy, offering a comprehensive approach to addressing various muscular issues and promoting overall wellness.

Hector's dedication to his craft goes beyond technical proficiency; he takes pride in creating a personalized experience for each client, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout their journey to rejuvenation. His caring demeanor and attentiveness make every session a unique and deeply therapeutic experience.

Whether you're seeking relief from tension and stress or aiming to enhance your physical and mental well-being, Hector is committed to providing exceptional care tailored to your individual needs. Step into a world of relaxation and healing with Vianka Med Spa where every massage is a pathway to rejuvenation and renewal.

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