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Soothing Facial Rinse


Soothing Facial Rinse – Calming alcohol-free formula that gently hydrates and refreshes skin after cleansing with a blend of plant and algae extracts that won’t leave skin feeling dry or tight. Helps keep skin at its optimum pH level.

  • Hydrates and conditions skin with a blend of plant and Algae Extracts
  • Contains a blend of Arnica montana Extract, Grape Seed Extract, and Vitamin K
  • Keeps skin at its optimum pH level
  • 6.7 FL OZ | 198 mL bottle

Who benefits?  All skin types. Ideal for those with sensitive skin.


Revision Skincare


6.7 fl. oz. (198 mL)


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REVISION Soothing Facial RinseSoothing Facial Rinse
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